WordPress now allows you to post your blogs as a Twitter thread

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WordPress has introduced a new posting feature for Twitter that turns your blog post into “tweetstorms” or Twitter threads.

The company announced the feature on its website on 13 October, noting that it will make publishing content easier. The feature will allow its users to publish their content, including text, images, and videos, by carrying it over to tweets with a few clicks.

Through this integration, WordPress says users can attract audiences from Twitter to their blog.

No content is left behind either, according to the company. All text, images, and videos will be seamlessly be added to your threads as it is formatted in WordPress.

Additionally, if your posts feature lengthy sentences or paragraphs, the feature will break them up into separate tweets, rather than attempting to squeeze them into one.

For users who have added a list block in their posts, it will be displayed on as a list on Twitter too.

You are able to view all the tweets before publishing to see how it would look on the social media platform. This allows you to adjust your post beforehand if needed.

How to use WordPress Twitter thread feature

To make use of this new feature, you will need to enable WordPress posting permissions for your Twitter account.

Log into your WordPress account and go to My Site. Then select Tools, then Marketing. Finally, select the Connections tab.

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Click the Connect button next to the Twitter icon and approve the permission to allow WordPress to post tweets.

When writing up your next post, you can choose whether to post a single Tweet with a link attached or a thread including all media.

This feature is currently live on both WordPress and Twitter globally.

For an existing post, you can select the green Jetpack icon that the top of the screen to adjust your sharing options. For Twitter sharing, choose to “Share the content of this post as a Twitter thread”.

You can see a demonstration of the feature from WordPress in the video below:

Feature image: WordPress

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