SA series Kings of Joburg lands on Netflix in December

kings of joburg

Netflix has teamed up with a South African production company to create Africa’s next Original series, with Kings of Joburg premiering next month on the platform.

The upcoming six-part crime drama series is set in South Africa’s concrete jungle of Johannesburg.

According to Netflix, the series is poised to enthrall African audiences with its gritty setting, dark fantasy, and complex characters.

The series is helmed by local producers Connie and Shona Ferguson, in partnership with the US-based Visionary Media Inc.

What is The Kings of Joburg about?

The series explores life as a member of the Kings of Joburg (KOJ) brotherhood, following Simon “Vader” Masire. He is a successful entrepreneur, running a family business while acting as the head of his family.

With all the fame and success lies a dark, sinister secret.

Meanwhile, his younger brother, Mogomotsi “Mo” Masire, has to decide if he wants to continue with the way of life that landed him in jail and the responsibilities he has to his crime family.

With an ensemble cast of talented local actors, the series is led by Shona Ferguson playing Vader. He also serves as the series’ executive producer.

In a statement, Ferguson expressed his excitement over the opportunity to develop an African series for Netflix.

“When I created Kings of Joburg I wanted to root the show in elements of love, family, conflict, and power. The premise of the series is centred around the question, ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ and this narrative is explored in all six episodes,” he says.

The series blends together action and drama with the African occult. The mystical side of the story is based on stories that Ferguson’s late father told him as a child.

Meanwhile, Connie Ferguson notes that the series will continue to bring South African stories to international audiences.

“With Kings of Joburg, we are taking South Africa and Africa to the world and bringing the world to South Africa. It’s a United States Of The World show, bringing together talent from America and the continent,” she says.

Produced by Shona and Connie Ferguson alongside Samad Davis of Visionary Media, Kings of Joburg starts streaming on Netflix on 4 December.

Feature image: Netflix

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