Google to launch new Google Drive for desktop app

google drive for desktop

Google has announced it is launching a new Google Drive desktop app that will act as a single cloud storage app for syncing files across different devices.

The tech giant revealed the app on 12 July along with a transition timeline.

Drive for desktop will combine the existing Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream apps to create a single cloud storage solution.

The app will include existing features from the previous apps. This includes the ability to upload and sync photos and videos to Google Drive and Google Photos.

It also lets users sync external storage devices, and Mirror Drive files on desktops.

“While many people access Google Drive directly from their web browser or from mobile apps, some people prefer to have access to their files and photos directly on their desktop, just like files that are stored locally on your device,” Google Drive Product Management Lead, Scott Limbird, said in a statement.

“Drive for desktop also automatically syncs local files to the cloud in the background, which minimizes the time you need to spend waiting for files to sync.”

Drive for desktop will be available for both Windows and macOS devices.

When will Google Drive for desktop be available?

In the same announcement, Google revealed a timeline for when Backup and Sync users can transition to Drive for desktop.

Starting 19 July, Backup and Sync will offer a guided flow for users to make the transitions.

From 18 August, those who are still using the app will receive notifications asking them to make the transition.

Finally, starting 1 October, Backup and Sync users will not be able to sign into the app. To continue using the service, Google will require them to make the transition.

Featured image: Google

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Sam Spiller, Staff Writer


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