Telkom adds Telegram to FreeMe contracts and prepaid plans

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Telkom has added Telegram to all of its FreeMe contract and prepaid plans after the instant messaging app experienced a surge in popularity.

Telkom attributed the popularity surge to its customers looking for messaging app alternatives thanks to privacy reasons.

“Our customers have reached out to us through social media and other channels to ask when Telegram would be coming to Telkom,” Product Portfolio Management Executive at Telkom, Andrew Dawson, said in a statement.

Telkom FreeMe plans now offer Telegram alongside WhatsApp

Earlier this year, an update to WhatsApp’s privacy policy prompted global interest in other messaging platforms such as Telegram and Signal.

The policy outlined data-sharing terms between the app and its parent company, Facebook.

Telkom relaunched its FreeMe proposition in March 2020. The plans offer dedicated data for WhatsApp in addition to voice calls, SMS, and all-purpose data.

“We are thrilled that we have been able to answer their request and offer them something still within the FreeMe plans that they see value in and love,” Dawson said.

Going forward, Telkom will offer Telegram in all new and existing FreeMe and FreeMe TopUp plans.

It will also offer the platform in FreeMe Family and Share plans. This includes FreeMe Share 36GB, FreeMe Share 58GB, and FreeMe Share Unlimited.

FreeMe Prepaid bundles will also include Telegram.

“The addition of Telegram to the FreeMe offer is a proactive initiative that seeks to give our customers more options to communicate, using their chosen FreeMe offer,” Dawson explained.

In addition to Telegram, the plans will continue to offer WhatsApp calling and data as part of their initial offering.

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Sam Spiller, Staff Writer


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