Is TikTok the new search engine?

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Video sharing platform TikTok is fast becoming the go-to search engine for many of its users.

The social media video-sharing app was created to allow users to create and share 15-second videos on any topic.

The app allows users to share ideas using a plethora of music and video options.

Why has TikTok become a crowd favourite?

Its simple, the app allows content creators to share 15-second videos on any topic.

The app is now used as a news source, where users can pick up new skills, and search for recipe ideas including travel recommendations.

The app has become the go-to spot for people because users now rely on the app to feed them geo-specific recommendations.

This means if you find something you want to try, you can save it to a folder and return to your selected favorites when you need inspiration for where to go or what to cook.

Searching a recipe on the app means you don’t have to scroll through much content to get to the actual recipe.  A content creator can show you how to prepare and serve a meal in 15 to 30 seconds.

This app allows users to see visual representation of the place they prefer to have lunch as opposed to reading about it for four minutes.

The visual aspect of the app means business can now market their products to customers’ in 15 to 30-seconds videos.

With TikTok fast moving towards becoming a go-to search engine, SEO and key words are important when making a post.

You need to say key words in your video and have them in your texts to rank better online.

The world is shifting more towards visual content simply because they’re quicker to consume and more engaging.

TikTok has become Gen Z’s favourite go-to app simply because it provides financial advice, travel inspiration, workout advice, shortened how-to visuals, and access to a large number of professionals, who cater expert advice on a subject in less than 30 seconds.

So the next time you search for a place to eat out, ‘to TikTok it’ will probably provide you with the look and feel, the atmosphere of the place, and the menu before you even leave the comfort of your own home.

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