Make extra cash with Tesla’s completely self-driving car

Elon Musk plans to have completely self-driving cars in the US and across Europe by the end of 2022.

Depending on regulatory approval Musk hopes to have a wide release for the vehicles, come year-end.

He made the announcement during an energy conference in Norway confirming that the vehicles will not need human drivers.

Yes, the vehicles will drive on their own, with no occupant required.

How it works

Tesla has a self driving package, which allows the vehicle to autonomously stop at stop signs, manage through traffic while in cruise control and steer on highways and city streets, while also self parking.

Your vehicle is synchronized with hardware capable of autopilot features to allow acceleration, as well as the ability for the vehicle to have a view of the world that a driver alone cannot see. Which is a system which see’s simultaneously in every direction.

The vehicle will stop and steer within its lane autonomously.

While current autopilot features require active driver supervision, Teslar’s vision, come year-end is to go full-on autonomous.

Major benefit

Here’s a benefit to self driving cars.

Owners of fully autonomous Tesla’s will be able to send out the vehicles as a ride-hailing service while they’re at work, enabling some passive income for most vehicle owners.

The Tesla will be able to navigate on autopilot, suggest possible routes to optimize routes and change lanes to avoid slow moving trucks or slow cars.

With Smart Summon, your Tesla will come find you after work, and navigate through complex angles in an attempt to give you a ride home.

While speaking at the conference in Norway, Musk said their vision was to have a clear path towards a sustainable economic future.

This he said after mentioning that both oil and gas were currently necessary for civilization to function.

The goal however had have a clear path towards a sustainable future.

The upshot to self driving cars will be less packed parking lots during the day.

The con however will be increased traffic on roads.

However you choose to view it, with change must come a new norm.

While self driving may trigger those who relish control, it will be a pleasant experience to be mobile while catching up on some reading.

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Feature image: @Tesla/Twitter



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