WhatsApp bots train 100k learners, win awards

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Teaching in classrooms, the same way it has been done in the past is fast becoming a thing of the past as innovation continues to reach and upskill thousands at a faster pace.

Over 100 000 learners have been trained by WhatsApps DigiBots, a series of learning bots that deliver skills and literacy.

The bots are tailored to provide learning materials and tools from digital literacy to internet safety to learners.

The bots have received numerous awards with the latest being the Five Bookmark Awards as well as a Cannes Lion shortlisting.

WhatsApp has become one of the world’s most popular communication tools with great potential as an online learning tool.

Digify Africa, an innovation team, identified a need to close the gap in both teaching and learning.

Many young people were often left out of taking advantage of opportunities in the digital economy.

Since 2020, Digify Africa launched a series of tailored bots, a solution to allow young people access to high-quality digital skills.

This allows learners to access literacy content directly on their phones.

What’s new?

Digify Africa’s WhatsApp learning bot platform, known as the DigiBot walked away with five awards at the IAB South Africa’s Bookmark Awards after being announced as finalists in six categories:

Public Service and NPO Platforms: Silver Pixel

Platform innovation: Silver Pixel

Craft – Software, coding and technical innovation: Silver pixel

Channel innovation: Bronze Pixel

Bots, messaging and dark social: Bronze pixel

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The awards were held at Summer Place in Sandton on Thursday July 28, to celebrate tech innovations in the media industry.

The win, signifies that Digify Africa’s innovation continued to to uphold and motivate eLearning at the forefront of digital skills delivery excellence.

The organization has a ten year track record for delivering impact driven engagements across South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

In 2020 Digify Africa partnered with Techsys and Meta to create the DigiBot.

A WhatsApp platform that enabled easy access to educational content. To-date the roll-out of the platform benefitted thousands across the continent.

Speaking about the five awards, Digify Africa CEO Gavin Weale said winning across five
categories felt like a massive deal for the organization.

“More importantly, I hope this demonstrates beyond question the power and potential of our product, the DigiBot, and its ability to engage learners at scale in an utterly unique way.”

Marcus Gopolang Moloko


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