Why Podcast’s and chill make dollars, Rands, and sense

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Podcasting is fast becoming the preferred medium for consuming content.

Podcast, a word coined from the terms iPod and broadcast is fast becoming the new way people prefer their content.

The on-demand nature of the medium caters to people who prefer a certain niche in content for entertainment, keeping up to date while ‘chilling’ or relaxing.

Consumers are fast tuning into content that they prefer as a way to unwind from the ever-demanding schedules of life’s pressures.

With a podcast viewers can spend time listening or in these days watch content that appeals to them in the comfort of their own homes.

As the podcast landscape becomes even broader, with a wide range of podcasts, the landscape is proving to gain popularity across the globe.

Early moments of when online podcasts became a hit was back in 2005 when Steve Jobs announced that iTunes would support podcasts on their platform.

The entrepreneur saw potential in this new medium which to-date continues in growth world wide.

Today many South African shows such as Podcast and Chill with Mac G, True Crime South Africa and Our Love Journey with Mpoomy and Brenden take listeners on a journey of current news with a twist, investigations and a love story which many followers can relate to.


Many podcast shows cater one important element, which comes down to relatability.

Shows provide content which appeals to certain groups of people who not only listen, but are provided with the space to engage on some of the shows topics.

With the world becoming a certified global village, podcasts provide viewers with a platform to air their views in real time.

This provides viewers with the platform to engage with many of their favourite show hosts ensuring a kind of relationship with the medium.

People enjoy what they want. Consumers no longer need to listen to discussions on the radio that they don’t care about.

Podcasts allow consumers to pick content they like as easy as picking candy from a shelf at a grocery store.

How to make money?

Podcasts are generally cheaper to kickstart than to produce say a news channel or documentary.

This is a major factor to why the production of the medium is sky rocketing.

You need a microphone, a computer, possibly a friend, some editing software and that’s it.

The cheap costs to start up ensure easier access into the market.

To make money, one will need to ask for donations, get sponsorships, sell proposed content, have paid membership sections and sell merchandise.

How much can you make?

Full time Podcaster’s can expect to make some decent returns from their shows. The key to making money of podcasting all boils down to increased listers/viewers.

If the demand for that specific niche is prevalent, hosts can expect substantial returns for their content.

While podcast equipment can be costly, content creators can expect returns on their investments if partnerships with sponsors and advertisers are done right.

Advertisers are willing to pay a podcaster with a large lister base. The amount of money a podcast can expect to charge for an advert can range between R 400 and R 2000 depending to requests.

Affiliate sales

Get used to this word as podcasts can gain massive support if this part is done right.

During a show, a content creator can mention different products or services as a form of advertising.

When the products or services are purchased, either through the podcast, website or via a special URL quote, the content creator gets a certain percentage of the sale.

The amount of income you can generate depends on the product or service sale.

Depending on how many views follow the podcast, a content creator/host can expect to earn income off downloads per episode.

Creators can expect to earn between R 20 000 to R 80 000 pm and more depending on how the show is structured with advertisers, sponsors and affiliate sales.

Internationally known Podcast the Joe Rogan Experience is expected to make around $ 30 000 per episode for his show which showcases trending topics and interviews with public figures.

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