EU law for USB-C only charger spells global trouble for iPhone, all devices

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Someone wants all phones to use same charger by 2024.

If you’re not using a USB-C charger you may be in trouble if you’re living in Europe.

In a vote, parliament has voted to have a single charging port for mobile phones, tablets and camera’s by 2024.

Yes, Apple users. This is real.

Apple manufacturers will be forced to make USB type C charging ports for its devices, should they want to maintain their EU market.

The deal impacts other brands such as Huawei, and Samsung who on previous models used different charging ports.

Apple’s iPhone 15 may come with a USB-C charging port according to speculation, after lawmakers in the European Parliament approved the law requiring electronics sold in the European Union to use a USB Type C charger by 2024.

This may broaden Apple’s reach but the change may be costly considering Apple devices don’t like to share.

The difference between Android and iOS

The first difference is that Android is owned and developed by Google while iOS is owned and developed by Apple.

Chargers, operating systems and many other features separate Apple from many of it’s competitors.

While android uses open-source software, that allows anyone to download it for free, iOS is a closed-source software that cannot be used for free.

The shift to USB type C chargers may result in Apple, if it makes the shift, to change to USB-C globally rather than just for the EU.

The EU charger reform was passed after 602 votes to 13 where in favour of the USB-C charging port for all handheld devices.

This simply means all devices sold in the EU must use the type C port by 2024, with laptops afforded two more years to make the transition.

The EU parliaments decision was made to cut down e-waste while opting for one charging solution as opposed to many alternatives.

The reform however controversial may set a global precedent, with some country’s likely to follow.

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