WhatsApp: Why you’re seeing a green circle around chat profile pictures


Social messaging giant WhatApp has made another upgrade to add a feature that makes users content creators.

Most WhatsApp users relish the status update feature and WhatsApp has introduced another feature to support the current WhatsApp status rings.

Green circles 

In a new WhatsApp upgrade, there’s a new status report feature that allows users to spot new status updates by a solid green status ring around the profile picture of the creator – while in the chat box tab.

Users will spot new status updates from some of their contacts by solid green circle around the profile picture of the user.

The green circle history

The green status circles on WhatsApp allowed users to spot new status updates.

A solid circle indicated that there is a single unseen status update.

Multiple green spotted circles meant there’s more than one status update to a users profile.

The circles colour changes once you have viewed the status.

The green circles have been a WhatsApp trade mark for quite some time.

This ring which has been in WhatsApp’s production line since earlier this year has been modified to allow users to see their contacts updated statuses.

While some may argue that the feature may be borrowed from some social media apps, the feature, now updated seems to inspire users to create more content.

This feature definitely resembles some of Meta’s siblings Facebook and Instagram, and works pretty much the same way.

The circle around the display picture signifies that there’s a status update from users that hasn’t been viewed on both Facebook and Instagram.

While in the chat box tab users now will be launched to other user’s status update by clicking their profile pictures.

Before, to view status updates users would swipe right or click the status tab.

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