Twitter parody accounts to be permanently suspended, here’s why


In a campaign to encourage free speech and clean up fake Twitter accounts impersonating other users, Twitter head Elon Musk has confirmed parody accounts may be banned indefinitely.

Twitter accounts engaging in impersonation of other accounts without clearly outlining that they are mere parody accounts will be permanently suspended.

Musk made the announcement on Monday.

Previously, a warning was issued before the suspension of an account.

While redefining the birded apps, core function, towards widespread verification, Musk said there will be no warning going forward to parody accounts which do not clearly identify themselves.

The new update will be clearly identified as a condition for signing up to Twitter Blue.

This means any name change will cause temporary loss of the verification checkmark.

In a contentious buyout of Twitter Musk quickly made massive changes to the structure of the company.

The $44 billion acquisition led to the firing of Twitter chief executives and top managers, which translated to the Twitter board dissolved.

Over 3000 employees were laid off on Friday as Twitter goes into it’s second full week under Musk’s leadership.

The billionaire business man intends to make essential changes to the platform and letting several employees go, appears to be the first point of order.

Although Musk is accumulating losses – over $ 4 million daily, due to advertisers rattled over Twitter’s proposed new content moderation, layoffs were justified going into Twitter’s future.

Musk only later confirmed laid off staff would receive three months of severance.

The layoff’s were as part of Musk’s plan to reduce costs at the company following the $ 44 billion deal.

Many employees learned they lost their jobs through email, with their internal communication channel to the company suspended.

Another of Musk’s goal is adding verification check marks for members of Twitter blue, Twitters’ monthly subscription service.

The roll-out of the service will most likely be delayed due to the incoming US midterm elections.

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