Musk pulls ‘sink plug’ with layoff email, and employees fight back

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Twitter employees are taking Elon Musk to court if issues escalate as employees have initiated legal action against the firm for proposed layoffs.

Employees received saddening news from Twitter on Thursday, to stay home and wait for an email.

A memo allegedly sent to employees on Thursday evening confirmed the company would let some staff members go.

The said email notified employees that they would receive a notice by 12p.m on Friday, that notified them of their employment status.

As if that was not enough, company offices were closed, to help ensure the safety of employees and Twitter systems.

Reports are that those who would stay as employees would receive an email on their work email while those who had been let go would receive an email on their personal account.

Only a week after Musk took over the reigns, employees are planning to make the CEO accountable by seeking their version of justice against the company.

They argue that proposed layoffs were in violation of labor law.

The employees said they were locked out of the company’s communication system and emails.

Twitter is accused of violating the WARN ACT which compels companies with more than 100 employees to provide 60 days advanced written notice prior to mass layoffs.

Fear and frustration spread across about 7 000 employees from the San Fancisco to Singapore who where left in fear after receiving the notice.

Half the staff are expected to be let go, while Musk continues to shape the companies future.

Twitter employees have been left frustrated sending out CV’s with a possibility of no festive bonusses.

News of the the layoffs have been circulating since before Musk took over the company last week.

Before agreeing to the deal Musk was adamant to revoke a work from anywhere policy and asked employees go back to the office.

The civil action against Musk is nothing new since the new Twitter Chief Twit once faced a similar issue at Tesla.

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