Why Apple is being sued for knowing too much without user consent

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iPhone maker Apple is in hot water following speculation that the bitten apple firm has been collecting user data, even when users had changed their settings to stop the company from doing so.

A startup ran by two researchers named Mysk has taken Apple to task claiming recent changes to Apple’s App Store tracks all of a user taps for analytics purposes to send to Apple.

The research firm has pulled back the curtain claiming Apple was misleading its users which necessitates a lawsuit.

According to reports the unique data maps, each tap to a profile meaning user interests in sensitive apps are tracked.

Information such as user keyboard languages, internet connection, and languages are tracked in a simple visit to the app store.

While Apple prides itself on user privacy the firm has butted heads with firms like Facebook on the issue of privacy.

Apple’s efforts to retain and protect user data has left platforms outside of the profit margin costing billions in revenue.

Apples privacy settings are in question as they claim to prevent data sharing.

Simply put, when a user turns off analytics or app tracking, Apple claims to disable the sharing of device information altogether, but that’s not the case.

The platforms privacy data claims to prevent data sharing which has resulted in Mysk probing this only to find that toggling settings on and off had no impact when it came to what data Apple walked away with.

This prompted the lawsuit, where it’s alleged that Apples data collection practices violated the California Invasion of Privacy Act by illegally recording user confidential activity.

Apple is alleged to be misleading users with the notion that users can control which information Apple has access to.

Apple may be in trouble if the lawsuit is against it as it will soon pose the question whether Apple is really superior quality with consumer privacy at heart.

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