A load shedding kit you need, to sail past any Eskom stage

eskom loadshedding electricity

Stage 5 load shedding is set to continue as bad weather including recurring breakdowns continue to prolong power frustrations around the country.

The power generating units at Hendrina, Kendal and Kriel power stations are severely under strain due to the nationwide demand for power.

This has resulted in Eskom implementing loadshedding stage 5 as an attempt to stop the country from complete grid collapse.

With Koeberg offline due to maintenance, the country can brace itself for a dark festive season and accept that certain Christmas lights will not be on most of the time, due to recurring outages.

While business and the economy continue to take a financial hit, here are possible remedies to consider as an alternative to fretting over an issue which for some reason cannot be solved.


The first option is a power inverter.

An inverter is a power electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current to alternating current.

This results in AC frequency obtained.

There are many different types of inverters to choose from.

A Mecer 1200VA inverter battery charger, Solarix Sacolar 5KVA 48 VDC 100Axpert type parallel inverter or even a Microtek UPS SW Merlyn series 1850 are some of the inverters you could look into.

We labelled the options above to make it easier for you to copy and past when searching.  We recommend you ask for expert advice in order to find a match which could cater to most of your power needs.

Power bank

A power bank these days has become a necessity.

Since most of us excessively rely on our phones, battery life seems to be a prerequisite when searching for a new phone.

With recurring outages, habitual charging has become interrupted meaning most of us have to rely on back up power sources such as power banks.

So what do you look for in a power bank?

It seems the power bank remedy is tricky only because it depends on your budget and the size of juice (power) you expect from the power bank.

Our simple remedy is to opt for a slightly higher priced power bank which should come with a few perks to guarantee you peace of mind.

The cheaper the power bank the more likely you are to return to a different store looking for an alternative.

Solar instillation 

Move from the grid and say goodbye to load shedding while saving by having solar panels installed.

The solar option is a growing market in the country currently due to recurring blackouts and buckling, power utility.

We urge anyone opting for the solar route to seek qualified fitters as chancers can leave you with more headaches than peace of mind.

Instillation can be a little steep but the overall cost should pay itself off.

These days, there are different price plans to ensure you get to pay off your installation while using the panels installed.

Solar Power Experts, and Energy Gurus seem to have an ok track record of customers and referrals.

We are not endorsing any of these companies only stating them as options to help you navigate past cold meals when you desperately need the microwave.

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