WhatsApp may be tweaking view once feature with text extension

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Here’s a rumor that we hope is true.

According to some tech reviewers, WhatsApp may be working to upgrade its view once feature with addition for text messages.

Currently, WhatsApp allows users to send an image or video with the option for the receiver to only view the message once.

The feature was launched as a security feature for users to access for only a selected few recipients.

The incoming view once feature which we hope has a text option for sending, may come with another added extra to send.

Think a send option with a time, duration and padlock on a secondary send tab to allow senders to customize how long a message will last once it lands on the recipients end.

While the platform prides itself on various walls of security, a feature we love on the cards has been the inability to screenshot send options.

WhatsApp appears to be prioritizing private security and access to information between two people.

Add the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 including various other information regarding sender to receiver information and you pretty much have a fortress for your information.

Should the WhatsApp feature be rolled out, it means users will most likely be able to send sensitive information like passwords, or other business related information which the sender does not want receivers having on an ongoing basis.

This feature, will be great for business, and other organizations which pride themselves on an ethos of privacy.

From sharing Wi-Fi login details to other details which users deem important, we think this feature if rumors’ are accurate could be some of WhatsApp winning user favorites.

Note: There’s only speculation around the feature around us tech heads and probes if it’s definitely under construction were still unclear at time of publishing.  This article will be updated once new information becomes available.

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