Return of Twitter blue and the catch if you don’t subscribe

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Twitter Blue is back following a wave of imposters’ flooding the platform in order to have access to the blue checkmark.

The relaunch of the Twitter blue subscription comes with a few changes like a verified phone number sign-up process.

You will not get verified until the verification process has been processed.

Users will now pay $11 a month if they’re on iOS with $4.99 if they’re on the web.

If you’re on the old version of the blue package, you will, unfortunately, have to subscribe again.

So far, a Twitter blue subscription comes with an edit tweets feature, a blue checkmark and possibly ability to see less ads.

Future plans for the feature are to have most users jump on to the subscription or loose their blue checkmark.

Users must confirm their registered phone numbers to get the blue checkmark, a measure Twitter believes will fend off imposters.

“Starting today when you subscribe your account will get access to subscriber-only features including Edit Tweet, 1080p video uploads, reader mode, and a blue checkmark (once your account has been reviewed).”

“A final heads up — your account must be at least 90 days old and have a confirmed phone number in order to subscribe to Twitter Blue,” the account wrote in a tweet.

New meaning for the blue checkmark

Previously the Twitter blue checkmark used to represent authentic accounts of public interest, now the blue checkmark will mean two different things:

That the account was previously verified using the legacy verification criteria


The account has an active subscription to the new Twitter Blue subscription service and has met Twitter’s criteria.

Below is Twitter’s eligibility criteria for the new checkmark.

  • Only accounts actively subscribed to Twitter Blue are eligible.
  • Twitter accounts must have a display name and profile photo
  • Account must not have changes to your profile photo, display name or username.
  • Accounts must have no signs of engaging in platform manipulation.

To lose the checkmark

“To minimize confusion and promote integrity on the platform, changes to your profile photo, display name, or username (@handle) will result in a temporary loss of the blue checkmark until your account is validated as continuing to meet our requirements. No further changes to your profile photo, display name, or username will be allowed during this review period.”

“The checkmark will appear again once our team reviews your Twitter Blue subscribed account and if it continues to meet our requirements.”

Twitter reserves the right to remove user checkmarks if they’re found to be in violation of Twitter rules.

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