Here are South Africa’s new coins coming in January

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South Africa will be letting go of the iconic Nelson Mandela’s face on the R5 coin to replace it with a whale in the new year.

The new coins are expected to be introduced on January 1st.

The old coin series will still be active and legal to use for trade.

This new series of coins has been declared legal tender and comes with some striking designs.

The R5 coin, the 50c, R1 and R2, and 20c which had the Wildebeest, Springbok, king protea and the Arum lily will now be replaced by a Cape Honey Bee, on the new 10c coin, among other changes.

The 20c current king protea will be replaced by the aloe.

The new 50c will have a Loerie in flight.

The R 1 will be changing from the Springbok to the Protea.

The R2 will now feature a Springbok.

The R 5 coin changes from a Wildebeest to some massive right whales.

The South African Reserve Bank has gazetted the new designs going into the new year for the fourth decimal coin series.

Cabinet has approved the new designs, and compilation of the coins.

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Marcus Gopolang Moloko


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