Three features we loved from Spotify

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Black Panther playlist

It’s the end of the year, the first day of the last month, fatigue has kicked in and the mind is already starting to reflect on some of this year’s smart features, and Spotify somehow came to mind.

The music streaming service introduced a Black Panther playlist as the movie franchise fans assembled in anticipation of the sequel’s return to cinemas on November 11.

Spotify was quick to jump on the excitement for the sequel, a movie about a hidden, tropical place with jaw-dropping scenery and some of the world’s smartest technology.

Black Panther fans now had access to the playlist on Spotify.

What’s new feature

The streaming service introduced another feature which give users a personalized feed of the new or trending song releases on their listening preferences.

The feed works in real time and allows the user to have access to real time updates, while using the service.

Sort new music releases, podcasts and show episodes, Spotify ads over 50 000 hours of content and the What’s New feature is intended to have users gain easier access.

Think about it this way, when your favourite artist releases something new, Spotify’s algorithm should highlight it to you on the app.

Sell tickets to live music gigs

While we never experienced this feature, it still gets a nod from us.

In diversifying, Spotify introduced a way to be a one stop shop for everything in the music industry.

In a partnership with Ticketmaster, Spotify could now sell tickets through it’s live feed.

Users now had access to ticket sales to some of their favourite music festivals.

This feature falls part of Spotify’s Live Events hack, designed to discover new concerts taking place in a users city.

Live events allows users to see upcoming concerts in their area, while using the app.

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