Emerging tech ready to transform the office

It’s a new year and new tech is hitting our shores.

We’ve spotted some incoming hot new tech that we thought would make anyone’s life a little easier.

Lenovo penned together some smart tech that could transform anyone’s life to make it simpler.

Our first yes to smart tech is holographic technology.

Since the Covid19 pandemic shifted the way people do things including productivity emerging tech seems to be fast on track to transform anyone’s norm.

Holographic technology is the next incoming shift into the future as it allows those out-of-the-office meetings to be a bit more personal.

With holographic technology, users will have the ability to almost be in the same room with a colleague who is possibly in another country.

Lenovo says holographic meetings are not only a step in the right direction but tech that will eventually energize meetings, with a feel that is nearly as real as being there in the flesh.

Augmented and mixed reality will set the tone for organizations to allow colleagues to interact with virtual objects.

With Lenovo’s concept cyber space technology the Phygital (blending the physical and digital) sphere seems a reality that’s already on our fingertips.

Lenovo’s phygital approach means blending realities with a special coated glass which is semi transparent and semi reflective which allows people behind it to physically interact with life sized objects.

Shape-changing devices

Lenovo’s next-gen 16-inch ThinkPad X1 Fold refines the foldable PC category.

Smaller mobile phones

Another incoming shift on the tech sphere are smaller phones.

Today, devices offer larger screens, multi-tasking and devices designed to shoot, edit videos, stream content and play games.

Your device is not only a mobile tv but an interactive display center ready to entertain.

This will most likely change with time to allow devices to morph into smaller sized phones which extend or unfold to become larger when needed.

Samsung and other brands have seen this shift and have already jumped on to the incoming wave of foldable smart devices.

Motorola’s rollable proof concept was debuted at the Lenovo tech world.

A compact pocketable device which can retract and expand into a large screen when needed.

Lenovo including Motorola unveiled devices such as the rollable smartphone which retracts to just 4.5 inches tall.

The concept device expands from a 5-inch display and into a 6.5″ display centre transforming user experience.

Lenovo’s Rollable PC proof of concept shows a flexible display that rolls out on command on
a motor for a larger screen size, while maintaining its thin and light form.

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