Eskom, cyanide ‘poisoned’ De Ruyter, and no stage to progress

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Midrand police are looking into the attempted murder of outgoing CEO Andre De Ruyter who survived a murder attempt at his Megawatt Park office in Sunninghill last month.

The CEO drank a cup of coffee allegedly laced with poison right after he submitted his resignation.

This was before his decision became known publicly.

It’s reported that De Ruyter was rushed to the doctor where he was allegedly diagnosed with cyanide poisoning.

Probes into the attempted murder are underway with the DA urging for presidential intervention on the matter.

But what exactly is cyanide poisoning?

This is a form of acid poison that results in headaches dizziness, shortness of breath, and vomiting.

As the chemical spreads through the body the victim has just under 30 minutes for survival and should be rushed to a hospital.

Depending on the dose, the victim may have seconds to live, with lessor doses preceeded by dizziness, vertigo and difficulty in breathing.

While diagnosis is challenging, the low blood pressure, high lactic acid decreased level of consciousness are signs of distress and much needed medical attention.

When cups of coffee are allegedly laced with poison, right on the heels of a resignation, this should be cause for concern.

Eskom has been marred by an never ending series of challenges related to infrastructure, lack of experiences and unconfirmed suspected sabotage.

The power utiltiy said it will continue implementing stage 3 loadshedding during 5 am and 4 pm with stage 4 between 4 pm and 5 am this week.

While several challenges on top of an outgoing CEO’s alleged poisoning persist, the country is expected to live with recurring black outs past this years winter and even longer.

A system operator will continue to determine the required capacity of when load shedding will be implemented as the national utility buckles  and struggles to find a balance as demand continues to out way capacity.

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