How to block screenshots, two useful WhatsApp hacks in 2023

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Social messaging app WhatsApp has rolled out a series of features in order to keep the end user interested.

Let’s get right into it with some of our favorite features from the green speech-bubbled headset.

  1. Temporarily offline

Discretion appears to be a preferred method of operating for some of WhatsApp’s users and the social messaging app has introduced a feature that allows users to operate under the guise of being offline.

Hiding your online status may seem foreign to some, yet other users prefer to avoid other people knowing they’re online or when they last used the app.

Users now get the ability to not show when they’ve read a message and no longer show status updates.

Simply go to settings, toggle to Privacy.  You should notice the Last Seen and Online option.

Select any option preferred from the various options: Everyone, My Contacts, My contacts except and Nobody.

2. View once feature

WhatsApp’s View Once feature was an instant hit among users as it allows the sender to mark messages to disappear after the recipient has viewed them once.

This means the sender could send an photo or video which will disappear right after the recipient has viewed them.

This feature allows users to send sensitive messages such as credit card information, Wi-Fi passwords or access codes once, to prevent ongoing access.

The feature allows for only a specific message to be viewed once and disappear rather than after a set period.

WhatsApp users can type a message before sending it, click and hold the send button to access the view once feature.

The interesting thing about the feature is that receivers will only be able to view the message once and cannot even screen shot the sent content.

This is a simple win for WhatsApp and allows users to gain much needed control over their own content.

With privacy being one of their value propositions WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption continues to put patrons at ease, and a feature to limit and control how many times a receiver can view your message is a winning step in the right direction.

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