WATCH: NationalShutDown trends, for this reason, this week

In a buzz on social media the hashtag NationalShutDown has trended for over a week, a hashtag that could spell trouble for most businesses including the economy.

The hashtag is a result of a national march scheduled for March 20, 2023, by the Economic Freedom Fighters party which argues that drastic action is necessary to bring about change to the current load-shedding blackouts.

Straight from the desk of the EFF’s commander in chief Julius Malema, a date and declaration was set that there will be no work, no trucks, schools or business will not be allowed to operate as the EFF among other parties march in a nationwide protest to demand an end to load shedding, including the resignation of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

No trucks, universities, factories or business will be allowed to operate on March 20, as the EFF threaten to have the country at a standstill.

“There will be no work, all ports of entry leading to boarders will be closed, no business operations will be open on the day,” and trucks that transport South Africa’s minerals were especially warned to park, Malema said.

This is a shut down to call for an immediate end to load shedding, rising levels of unemployment, increased levels of crime, governments decision to close power stations and the collapsing public infrastructure in hospitals, and rail way stations, the EFF head said.

While the EFF has successfully remained on the trend list, activist Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini who also carries some influence on social media avenues threatened to arrest Malema should he continue with the march without following the boundaries of the law.

A dissatisfied EFF who will be marching against the state of the country, will be met with resistance from Lux who called or the public to open a case against Malema should their livelihoods be disrupted by the shutdown.

“On March 20 those who are sane, I want you to go out and protect the malls and shops. Take formation as we always do in our townships and suburbs. We are not going to let these anarchists collapse our economy,”

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has accused the EFF of orchestrating the march for political relevance.

While different shades of comments clash in reports, social media remains the town square for many different opinions which apparently all point to a possible march.

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