The race to seamless A.I. picks up speed, Adobe launches Firefly

Adobe entered the generative A.I. market in fiery fashion to introduce their very own contender in the AI race, the Adobe Firefly.

Firefly will help generate content variations on existing images using Adobe’s existing suite of products.

Adobe has launched their own artificial intelligence tool that allows users to type commands to edit images and text effects.

Think multilayer variations of art.  This exactly what Adobe wants to achieve and Adobe Firefly AI will generate different versions of it’s lighthouse.


Adobe’s Firefly will launch first as a private beta. Its ability to change the photo or image using generative A.I. to create a paintbrush is simply remarkable.

While Adobe spent close to $20 billion to acquire the design tool, this is a clear indicator of the accelerated levels in investment being made towards A.I since the arrival of OpenAI’s chatGPT.

Adobe in it’s blog said: “Firefly will mix the power of our applications with the promise of generative AI in ways that empower you to express your creative ideas with greater efficiency and without constraints. We’re entering a world where you’ll be able to bring your creative vision to life simply by describing what you want in your own words, or with a simple gesture in your app.”

A world where videos will be modified, audio tracks cut simply by describing a mood is exactly the future we all want to be apart of.

“A world that lets you merge the best of application workflows with the best of generative AI — where your creative applications act as a creative co-pilot and help you instantly iterate through hundreds of variations of your work, all in your unique style.”

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