WATCH: Spotify for Podcasters: Watch body language, engage with artists

Spotify accessibility features text resizing podcast transcripts

In its second stream event Spotify has announced it will now include a newly imagined interface to allow users to engage more with artists and creators.

What does this mean?

Spotify now allows content creators to take advantage of its new tools and dashboard, which means combining tools to create a one-stop shop for podcasters.

This will open up opportunities for creators, and Spotify says building the new Spotify for Podcasters in a way that offers more access to innovation is a step in the right direction.

When creators sign up for Spotify for Podcasters, they have access to a dashboard with quick tools needed to make, managed and level up their show.

These include:

  • The ability to upload and publish episodes (for users hosting their show with Spotify for Podcasters)
  • Interactive  features like Q&A and Polls
  • Advanced analytics to track a show’s growth, including streaming numbers and audience demographic data

Spotify offers free hosting and a few other perks.

  • Podcast previews, which means listeners can sample a show from their home feed.
  • Creators will have access to Podcast chapters.
  • Creators have access to Spotify Labs, a global workshop series that allows users to learn from Spotify experts.
  • Anchor, one of the worlds prominent podcast hosting platforms has partnered with Spotify to create an all new platform which caters to podcasters.

Spotify said: “The new Spotify for Podcasters will serve as the foundation for building a more vibrant, more interactive experience around podcasts. We’re extremely excited by what we’re launching today, but even more about the future of podcasting we can all build together.”

Spotify for Podcasters has been available to creators since 2018, but only allowed access to analytics.

Now that platform allows users to sign up or log in using their Spotify for Podcasters or Anchor login details.

Tools provided by Spotify include, the ability to upload or record content and publish video podcasts to Spotify.

Users can choose from a number of monetization tools while keeping track of growth with their analytics tool.

Users will also have access to  distributing their content to all platforms.

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