OpenAI’s user numbers rise: Here are simple ways to issue prompts

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Soaring at over 100 000 000 million users in just over three months ChatGPT has fast set new record user user list considering it was only launched in November 2022.

Comparing OpenAI’s ChatGPT to other service apps, Netflix took around 3.5 years, while Instagram took 2.5 months to topple one million users with TikTok taking about nine months to reach 100 million users.

While OpenAI’s next step is to refine and advance artificial intelligence, the research laboratory’s next offering is GPT-4 promising to revolutionize the field of AGI Artificial general intelligence.

Remember GPT4 is a language model that uses deep learning to generate human-like text.

GPT4 is capable of generating text that is concise, coherent, and relevant to the context of prompt.

The language model is also cable of completing tasks such as question-answering sessions and translations.

How to issue prompts.

Users of OpenAI’s service may still struggle to retrieve the right answer purely due to their inability to issue simplified and concise prompts.

Here are a few simple ways to issue prompts.

State the reason and insert the topic.

I am learning about [insert topic]. List a series of steps to provide answers into…

Summarize texts

[Insert text] Summarize the entire text into three sentences.

Random questions seeking development tips

What are some of the common mistakes when using Python coding language?

Language learning

How long will it take to learn [language]? What are the best steps for retaining information?

Finding formats

Give me a test format for [subject (biology)] paper two.

Decision making

List the best option between [topic] and [topic].

Tutor finding

Create a list of questions that will test my knowledge on [subject].

Creating a report

I’m creating a report on [topic]. Create a step-by-step guide to help readers understand the outcome.

ChatGPT has an increasing 1.8 billion visits a month, at an average bounce rate of 12.59% with the average user spending over 8 minutes on the site.

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