WATCH: Load shedding survival kit since Malema says darkness is coming

Load Shedding

Rumors of an incoming blackout and higher level of stage load shedding have prompted us to put together a load-shedding survival kit that could assist you paddle past erratic power outages.

Eskom has refuted claims of an imminent blackout after social media posts claimed the country would be forced into darkness as the national electricity carrier’s grid collapsed.

The claims were exacerbated by EFF leader Julius Malema who in a series of videos claimed the would be era of complete darkness.

“ANC politicians are continuing business as usual as if we are not in a crisis. Nothing is not going to function. We are heading toward a disaster, worse than covid [Covid19]. No generator is meant to operate for more than 24 hours,” said Malema.

Here’s what you need to paddle past those dark days.

Power bank

A power bank has been the go-to plan when it comes to keeping small devices, such as cell phones and other rechargeable devices alive during stages of outages.

Power banks have come in handy for users who are on the move as they allow users to recharge their high-functioning devices, when necessary without the need to look for a plug.

The brand of the power bank matters as some power banks guarantee efficiency more than a temporary solution.

The size of the power bank varies from a 10 000mAh to a 20 000mAh battery size or more.

A standard 10 000 mAh power bank can charge smartphones at least twice while a 20 000 mAh power bank can do the same for up to four hours.

For laptops and tablets, a 20 000 mAh power bank would be ideal.

Portable power station

Portable power stations are fast on the upward trend as load shedding continues to remind patrons of its inconsistency in supplying power.

A portable power station is an easy-to-use back-up power solution that is a perfect plan for load shedding and power failures indoors or outdoors.

There are a number of brand solutions, such as  Magneto, Eco Flow, Jackery, and Gizzu which have come into the market battling for market share.

Selecting the size of your portable power station all depends on your electrical needs and budget since the little power stations could set you back between R 2 500 and R35 000 depending on the size.

Solar power

There are different types of solar power systems, grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid.  Each system offers a unique power generation solution.

Solar does come at a price, but if installed correctly could work out cheaper in the long term.

If financed through a home loan or purchased through a rent-to-buy option, solar is less expensive than Eskom’s direct municipal-supplied electricity.

Other items in your load-shedding survival kit should include a rechargeable lamp, batteries, torch matches and believe it or not candles.

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