Was Apple really the first with the ChatGPT app on iOS, iPhone?

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Is there a ChatGPT app? – Yes

OpenAI has launched an iOS app for ChatGPT with only a promise to deliver the app soon to Android users.

The app is free to use on iOS and syncs chat history with the web and allows voice input supported by OpenAI’s open-sauce speech recognition model Whisper.

OpenAI, which currently has over 100 million users of ChatGPT, has introduced the app feature on both iPads and iPhones which can be downloaded from the App Store.

The free app will sync all user history across devices with continued updates of improvements from OpenAI.

Launched only last November, Open AI has continuously built a parachute while on the way down as most of their product launches including GPT4 continue to be crowd favorites despite their never really finished when, when launched.

Considering OpenAI’s website bounce rate including website daily visits, it may have been the perfect time to introduce a mobile version app while also tabling the map for their premium subscription for their app at $20 a month.

Before, users could access ChatGPT on mobile using Microsoft’s Bing app which offered access to OpenAI’s language model.

The launch of the app on iOS should curb fake spam accounts that catfish users promising a simpler way to gain access to the ChatGPT language model.

Does ChatGPT have an app for Android?

Android users will still need to use the Chat GPT website in a browser.

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