WhatsApp tests GIF auto-play feature

WhatsApp users will soon be able to auto-play GIF’s when they open a message as WhatsApp sets its sights on releasing an auto-play update for user GIFs.

The social messaging giant is testing its latest update which should allow some users the ability to be more creative in their responces.

The feature is available for some beta testers while some users may notice something different in the way GIFs automate currently.

The GIF will start playing automatically as users scroll down a conversation or open a text message.

Previously, users had to tap a GIF to have it play.

The new update makes GIF’s a lot less stagnant, however the automatic playback feature is currently only limited to the first GIF in the conversation in order to avoid distractions.

Improved user experience is exactly what the social messaging  app is sailing towards.

The feature should be available in the latest version of WhatsApp for most devices on Android and iOS.

Reports indicate the feature is being rolled out this week, considering its still in its testing phase.

The integration of GIFs to WhatsApp came around December 2020 when messaging app introduced version which meant users could now select gifts as a reaction to a message, during a conversation.

The feature also meant users could save the GIF on their device to use it later.

Although the introduction of GIFs was delayed for iOS users, Android users had a head start when WhatsApp introduced the feature initially.

GIF’s meant users could reply in animated fashion while the new update means a more interactive GIF response.

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