Is a load shedding website, a hit or a miss?

eskom load shedding

The impact of load shedding on the economy has been crippling, prompting new innovative ideas that may assist in paddling past frustration and into an informed future where load shedding should become a manageable challenge that many can prepare for.

Real-time updates on the load shedding schedule, allowing users to plan ahead while preparing for power cuts is exactly what Load provides.

With the perfect domain considering the name Load shedding, offers tips and advice on how to conserve energy during load-shedding and provides information on backup power solutions in the form of inverters, generators, and even solar panels.

Notifications, location searches including the latest news are some of the features from which hopes to assist users stay informed while reducing the inconvenience of random power cuts.

Its founder Joel Bijlmer says their research indicated that only 15% of users engaged with mobile apps, while over 80% chose to access the platform via a web browser in various forms.  The statement was in relation to the necessity of the website.

He added: “These statistics led us to identify a significant market opportunity – the creation of a web application. Recognizing this gap in the market, we saw the potential to enhance the user experience for the majority of users who predominantly use web browsers.”

With first-hand experience of the impact load shedding, Bijlmer says he was motivated to take action.

He acquired the domain name and assembled a talented team to develop an innovative solution to tackle power outages across the nation.

Determined to make a household name in the energy sector, Bijlmer says users can find detailed load shedding schedules based on their location, along with the latest news updates.

“We’ve designed it to be as user-friendly as possible with no app download necessary. Plus, it’s entirely free of charge for every South African citizen.”

The website can be added to any other site in for form of a widget to keep readers up-to-date with the latest load-shedding news.

Is the idea a win?

While there may be mobile bias from our end considering the myriad of apps available which would generally provide power-cut information, location schedules and even generic news, the need for up-to-date news remains. provides news on the impact of load shedding across the country and the sectors affected by the recurring blackouts as a result of outdated power plants at several power stations.

The load-shedding website may still be fresh to a few, but considering there really isn’t a direct source of information on power outages aside from Eskom, it’s safe to say there may be an online need for a portal of information.

With that said, it may be tricky to make the shift from the convenience of a mobile app to clicking a web link in order to access a power outage schedule but who knows, a lot has changed since the days of wearing a mask in grocery stores.

Load shedding.

The economy has taken a massive hit due to ongoing power cuts, and small businesses in townships are feeling the pinch according to a Nedbank alongside the Township Entrepreneurs Alliance survey.

In an eye wakening report, 60% of small businesses in townships stopped operations as a result of load shedding while 66% and counting continued to shed jobs in an attempt to stay alive.

This is according to a new research report survey conducted by Nedbank alongside the Township Entrepreneurs Alliance (TEA) where a survey across the country determined a paralyzing reality of the load-shedding impact on Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises in the township economy.

While tensions build in response to never-ending power cuts, could a new load-shedding platform be the tool that many across the country rely on going forward?

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