WhatsApp working on advertise status update feature, think sponsored content


Social messaging giant WhatsApp is in the beta stage of testing an enhanced interface to advertise status updates.

The feature will follow another feature now available from WhatsApp known as the boost status shortcut.

These features will allow businesses to quickly share on Facebook and Instagram to attract new customers.

WhatsApp intends to create a space for businesses interacting with this feature to have the ability to create a sponsored post on either Instagram or Facebook.

This will in turn reach new customers and attract them to WhatsApp through the dedicated link-to-chat button.

This makes it a lot clearer what the boost status option actually means.

“The new interface for the section that allows users to advertise their status updates is available to some beta testers that install the latest version of WhatsApp beta for iOS from the TestFlight app, and it is rolling out to even more people over the coming weeks,” WABetaInfo wrote announcing the features.

Another notable update in April

As of Tuesday, April 25, 2023, WhatsApp users can now access one WhatsApp account from four different phones.

This is according to Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg who made the announcement on Facebook

Before, a WhatsApp account could only be verified on one registered phone number.

Dual sim phone holders had to opt for one number as the primary number for WhatsApp with no option to have a verified WhatsApp account on two different phones.

In the latest update, WhatsApp now lets users use more than one phone to chat from one account.

Meta rolled out the long-awaited update which has been in its pipeline.

The devices will be linked to one WhatsApp account and will have the ability to operate independently even if the main device has no network.

Should the primary device not have network, the other three devices should continue to receive messages without any issues.

The catch

Should the primary device be inactive for a while, WhatsApp says it will log out on all companion devices.

This means three other phones can be linked to a WhatsApp account or a combination of PCs and smartphones.


Users need to enter the phone number of the primary device on the secondary device and enter the OTP (One-Time-Pin) received.

A third device can be paired in the same manner or by scanning a code off the primary device.

Both Android and iOS users will have access to the feature, which should be rolled out across the world in the few weeks to come.

Access to the feature

To have access to the feature, users must download the latest version of WhatsApp on iOS or Android.

All devices must be compatible with the latest version of WhatsApp.

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