Meta Quest Plus VR subscription service: How much, why its necessary

Facebook parent company Meta has launched an online gaming subscription service for its virtual reality product line.

Meta in a bid to drive VR headsets into a commercially solid future plans to ramp up support for their incoming Quest 3 and other product lineup by launching a subscription tier at around $8, a month.

While other products such as codename Ventura are in the pipeline as an alternative to more expensive Quest headsets, the company has mentioned plans to have 41 new apps and games shipping for the Quest 3.

Meta, which has been reported to be losing money on its virtual and augmented reality efforts has tabled subscription as a plan which arguably enters a market dominated by Microsoft, Xbox and Sony.

While Meta believes Virtual Reality and the MetaVerse remain the future, they have now introduced a subscription service where users will receive access to VR games each month.

Earmarked as Meta Quest+ (plus) at a cost of $7,99 a month or an annual fee of $60, the shift means subscribers can access two VR games each month for the Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, and the incoming Quest 3 Pro.

Beating competitor prices by a small margin, the subscription is Meta’s strategy to create a stable following for their product while also marketing their products.

Games such as Assassins Creed VR including Stranger Things VR can be expected in the future as Meta unravels their strategy to indicate value to investors to a VR reality that has had a slow start.

The announcement of Meta Quest Plus subscription on Monday gives users access to two new games each month.

Available at Meta Quest store, the service is compatible with the Quest 2, the Quest Pro and the incoming Quest 3 expected later this year.

While the subscription service is Meta’s effort to generate revenue for virtual reality including augmented reality, it does open a compelling avenue for VR recurring revenue.

New games are expected to launch monthly as subscriber numbers escalate.

All games can be played as long as the subscription is active.

Pixel Ripped 1995 and Pistol Whip are games expected in July.

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