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Image: Alvaro Cintas/Twitter

QR codes were launched in 1994 as a system to track car parts during the assembly process.

It’s a long way since 1994 as QR codes today are used as restaurant menus, for payments, and other witty ideas as organizations opt to migrate towards a paperless era.

The name QR code in full is called the Quick Response Code, a bar code with printed square patterns of small black and white squares that encode data that can be scanned using a cellphone, tablet, or computer system.

The black and white squares represent numbers from 0 to 9 and letters in non-Latin scripts.

AI Game changer

The QR Code which to date is used in restaurants, general advertising, and even seminars encodes the URL of a Website that contains information about the product or service.

The QR code is scanned using a laser, or a cellphone camera these days to decode the pattern of information.

Traditional QR Qode vs new tech.

The traditional QR code contains a pattern, usually in black and white squares that, when scanned by an optical scanner, interpret the QR Code’s orientation.

QR code on art

Before you could incorporate a QR code on art by simply selecting a QR code generator.

The Catch would be the QR code would be slightly to the side.

Image sourced from QRCodegenerator.com.

Artistic QR codes are here

Now you can create creative QR codes for free.

Alvaro Cintas detailed the process effortlessly. Here’s how you can create your own special QR code.

Step 1.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

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Featured image: Image: Alvaro Cintas/Twitter



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