Why people prefer Tiktok, social media for news

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So people don’t rely on traditional news sources anymore?

We find out why.

This is according to a recent study that noted a steady decline in the numbers for traditional news websites while social media platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, and Snapchat saw a steady upclimb.

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, in its annual Digital News Report, highlighted that fewer people looked to traditional media for news but rather paid more attention to influencers alongside other social media personalities for news content.

In summary, the report notes fewer than half of its respondents expressed much interest in news while a fewer pool opted for short video content on social media.

“The number of people globally who initially access news through a website or app has dropped by 10 points since 2018, and younger groups prefer to access news through social media, search or mobile aggregators,” the report stated.

There were roughly 94,000 adults, to a survey conducted in 46 markets including the U.S according to the online survey which showed that less than a third of the survey’s respondents cited stories selected for them based on their previous consumption as a good way to get the news which was a six-point decline from 2016 when the survey previously asked the question.

Last year Tiktok with over a billion users grew as a key source of not only entertainment but a search engine used for restaurant recommendations as opposed to Google search or maps.

The ByteDance-owned Tiktok is now becoming the go-to source of news and information as more organizations, including professionals such as a psychologist, lawyers, doctors, and even dentists take to the platform to share some vital information.

The next generation of consumers.

News consumption is drastically changing with most consumers opting to get news directly sent to their phones via an algorithm.

Establishing a connection with the next generation of news consumers means tabling news differently.

Could news platforms factor in online influencers?

While the younger audience may favor the online prominent candidate, it’s important to note that there could be an element of personal bias and product campaign influence which may shape and shift the ideas of the consumer.

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