Can I use Instagram Threads on Desktop?

Meta’s new app Instagram Threads has been launched on July 6, but there are some improvements that need to be made.

The app is available on both iOS and Android in some regions but the app is yet to be made available on desktop.

The app is new which translates to a major number of downloads due to new users curious enough to test it.

It’s available on mobile devices which has led us to query if the device is available for desktop use.

Is it available on desktop?

While Instagram may be available on both mobile and desktop, the new Threads is not.

Since the app was launched on July 6, it’s safe to assume incoming updates from the Meta camp going forward, especially if the app is serious enough to take on Twitter town square.

Threads caters a library of information on how to sign up, and download on both iOS and Android on its desktop version when using Instagram but after clicking away looking for a desktop version, the result was a comfortable no.

The app is linked to Instagram meaning users signing up obtain a network of familiar users.

An app for sharing text updates while joining public conversation, Meta has unleashed what they believe will be healthy competition for social media platforms such as Twitter.

Users can log in by using their Instagram account and post text up to 500 characters long, which includes links, photos, and videos five minutes in length.

The downside

The real test for Instagram’s Threads will be longevity.

It’s easy to get a massive number of downloads, people are curious.

What will define the app will be if people stay using it over time.

Some simple basics are still missing on the platform such as hashtags, a follow feed, and massaging but it’s still early days, which means there is room for improvement.

Deleting Threads

So what happens when you delete threads?

Will you be booted from Instagram too? Is that the catch?

Running a series analyses takes time and we’re on it.  While threads may be colourful, oddly named, and possibly banking on a series of personal data, it will be interesting to find the catch when users don’t necessarily find the app sustainable.

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