How to use ChatGPT, AI and not get caught

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To think by definition is to have a particular opinion, belief, or idea about someone or something but also to direct one’s mind towards someone or something, ergo to use one’s mind actively to form connected ideas.

What does thinking have to do with AI?


Artificial Intelligence, including popular AI platforms such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT all stem from ideas that were harnessed, implemented consistently, and evaluated to ensure they operate in a streamlined manner.

Take away the concept of thought and ideas have no direction.

What’s this about?

It is about catching the competition cheating.

The idea of ChatGPT or any other AI collaborator such as Bard, among a few, is primarily to stimulate and streamline thoughts.

What do you mean?

Any AI collaborator is meant to compile, if not place ideas on an open canvas for users to grab and add thought to.

Querry the AI chatbot, apply thinking, query some more, deduce, and formulate a reasonable strategy forward.

Take away the thought and it’s cheating, and you will be found out.

The crime scene

It was in a briefing in the middle east when I noticed someone using my first draft of questions.

If you’ve been in the industry (tech) as long as I have, you pencil in a set series of standard questions but stay fluid enough to look out for interesting new information in an interview.

You usually build from there.  Formulate questions that an answer may try to cover.

I remember prompting ChatGPT to give me five general questions regarding a particular subject.  My prompt was successful, and within seconds I had a list of standard questions.

I mulled over the line of questions and realized they were not tailored to my audience.

We tweaked and left the ones that were fundamentally effective, with a plan to build from there.  The strategy was set and preparation only needed action.

Fast forward we’re in a VIP conference room with international organizations all ready to take a bite from our subject in order to report and possibly educate and inform you guys.

The first question from our competition was strangely familiar.  I remember reading something similar.

Then our competition asked the second question.  It sounded familiar too. We all know how at first it could be a coincidence but the second question couldn’t be.

So I reached for my laptop searched emails and soon realised the answer was on ChatGPT.  I looked at my prompt and there it was. The answer.

My competition’s list of questions were exactly like my standard questions, before the tailored series of questions.

I knew their secret but they did not see me coming.

It was after their third question that I threw in their fourth question for them and watched as their interpreter looked confused.

A final blow was my last question intended to stop them and people from outright cheating.

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