In videos: Earthquake in Johannesburg, gas explosion or other?

On Wednesday, there was pandemonium near Bree Street in Johannesburg as motorists and pedestrians attempted to make sense of the cited magnitude of destruction left after a loud bang.

Initial reports from bystanders pointed to an earthquake as the cause.  After careful evaluation of the area, it seems some areas around the affected Bree Street area were not affected.

Minimal to no damage was reported.

That poses the number one question we all have, if it was not an earthquake, – we are not claiming it was not – then what was it?

More reports suspect a gas leak.

Panic has spread around the city of Johannesburg as many onlookers battle to make sense of what really happened on Bree Street.

There has been no indication of casualties, with more solid responses expected from police and emergency services.

A gas leak has not been confirmed as investigations continue to place the necessary missing pieces together on an incident that has otherwise destabilized a major taxi route in Johannesburg.

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