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Video voice note

The term for a VN could soon facture in the term Video Note if WhatsApp rolls out its incoming feature which is set to allow users to send 1 minute long videos as messages.

We heard about this early in January when the social messaging app was reported to be testing a beta version for the feature, which would allow an addition to the phrase Voice Note.


Here are a couple of new features WhatsApp is adding. Some of them are still in beta so if you don’t see it after updating your app, be patient, they will come soon. Which of these features do you have, and which is your favourite? #izzitechtips #whatsapphacks

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Voice Note

Voice Notes are a term that most likely will be associated with WhatsApp.

The term defines a short audio recording people send to each other on apps such as WhatsApp, and telegram.

The term allows users to share a body of text in a simple verbal reply.

The feature has become popular among users as it has allowed users to have the option of not typing a lengthy worded text but instead sending a recorded voice as a reply.

Voice notes meant quicker replies and more effective communication as message senders also send their tone to the receiver.

Video notes

The incoming video notes may likely come with an updated version of WhatsApp.

According to this user, the video notes are likely to be a minute long and pretty much function the same way.

It may sound strange but sending videos of your messages to receivers may be the next step in social media communication before holograms.

We say welcome and we can’t wait to test it out.

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