How to sign document electronically, here are five simple tips

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Don’t have a printer?

Need to sign a document and don’t want the hassle of having to print the entire set of documents only to add an initial on every page and a signature?

There are simpler ways and we explore a few options users can use to place that million-dollar signature on that document.

How to sign documents online

These days there are several options to sign a document electronically. It’s the multitude of software available that makes things a little complicated.

Using software 

Finding built-in software that can open a document using a program such as Adobe Reader or even Microsoft Word is a step in the right direction.

The software allows users to add a signature or sign documents.

You can create your unique signature for online documents using a mouse or touch screen.

With these types of software, you can place your signature on a document and save it.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps such as Adobe Fill or SignNow on smartphones make it possible for signatures to move from the Internet of Technology software and onto a set document.

Simply import the document from your device or cloud storage, and sign using your finger or stylus.  Place the signature where needed and it’s that simple.

Email Signature

Some email platforms allow users to create a digital signature.  Users can scan their physical signatures and use an online tool to create a digital one.

Online signing tools

You can also upload documents you want to be signed on online signing services such as DocuSign or HelloSign. These platforms allow users to upload their signatures, and add a date and other necessary details to documents they want to be authenticated.

Browser Extensions

Some web browsers offer extensions that may allow users to sign documents.  These need to be installed, but once installed, they should provide a step-by-step guide on how to add your signature on to a document.

The reason

The entire reason for electronic signatures is convenience, efficiency, legality and to try and reduce paper usage in an effort to save the planet.

All these reasons should be great enough to motivate anyone to learn how to place their signature on a document without printing it.

Digital signatures are fast becoming essential and the preferred method of signing documents and its high time some users adopted the easy way.

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