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In every era, there is technology that helps shift the course of technology into a new dimension.

This is when industries are formed as a result of tech that not only shifted the way we operate but how we interact with all things gadgets.

Think of innovation that has had a large impact on the body of work to most tech available today. Innovation that impacted and shifted the norm and paved the way for industries that otherwise would not even exist.

Personal computer

The personal computer in 1970 towards 1980 was crucial in shaping what today’s technology in terms of personal computers looks like.  What then used to be referred to as machines such as Apple and IBM PC revolutionized computing in the sense that users and small businesses could now operate differently using personal computers.

This laid the crucial foundation for modern computing and was a major contribution to the dawn of software development, digital content creation and overall communication.


It’s the smartphone that tells a story of revolution. Think back to the iPhone in 2007 when it marked a turning point for mobile technology.  A device that not only factored in communication but encompassed internet capabilities, access to information at your fingertips, and a precursor to what is today known as applications or apps.

The digital camera

The digital camera set the tone for capturing memories when it transitioned from film to some quick printed formatted images into what today can be images stored in a 256-sized memory card.

Digital cameras carved the way in which people capture, store, and share images, and it was the digital camera that solidified the way for editing software such as Photoshop.

Wearable devices and smartwatches

Smartwatches and other wearable devices also have changed the way consumers interact with their devices. With the ability to even call a misplaced smartphone, smartwatches have become not only an addition to the smartphone but a handy fitness tool many fitness enthusiasts use to date.

Tracking more than simple health metrics, the introduction of smartwatches and everything wearable paved the way into the potential for augmented reality including a step into biometric data.

Electric vehicles

These are the next step in the evolutionary chain. Electric vehicles, while slowly shifting towards a majority have the potential to revolutionize the automotive industry by reducing dependence on fossil fuel.

Battery-powered vehicles have contributed to the shift toward tomorrow’s future where self-driving cars and coffee-making vehicles are a norm.

GPS devices

These play a major role in today’s era.

The development of the Global Positioning System has transformed not only the automotive industry but has contributed to the development of at-home robotic vacuum cleaners which use GPS systems to navigate through your home.

Streaming devices

AppleTV, Amazon, and streaming services such as Netflix, including Spotify have disrupted traditional media consumption patterns to enable an on-demand access to movies and other entertainment options.

All these devices have not only transformed specific industries but have helped shape what today looks like in terms of technology and all things digital.

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