iOS17 challenges, battery drainage and others, what to expect

iPhone 15

Apple recently launched its latest software update iOS 17 promising easier contact-sharing prowess, new stickers, Siri command updates along other enticing features.

The update to the operating system was announced earlier this year at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference and promised more features alongside more expressive communication features, simplified sharing, and a new and bolder screen experience.

The update comes just in time as Apple recently launched their latest competitive iPhone 15 range.

Update challenges

While the update is relatively new it does come with its initial launch challenges that are already getting the needed attention.

Some added features include cool widgets, weather updates, and calendar tweaks but these are met by some interesting cons which include faster battery drainage as the major issue flagged.

While Apple says the issue is normal the issue is expected to stabilize soon.  New operating system updates from Apple are expected to acclimatize in the next few days.

The upgrade means more functionality for users from Apple but it seems the battery was the first issue picked up.

Some reasons for the fast-draining battery is that the Spotlight has to reindex all files on the iPhone. This should reindex all files on a device.  This can take time and users may experience slower devices on searches and other functions.

The reindexing issue fix

The reindexing process can take up to a week to complete and this should stop using extra battery for that processing.

There may be other reasons for battery drainage which could include a combination of the age of the iPhone, and the model running the operating system.

This is normal as new code to run updated features requires processing power and this does in most cases result in the battery being impacted.

Slower A-series chips and smaller battery capacities may feel the impact more for some users. Apple is expected to make more tweaks but older devices may be impacted with little recourse.

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