Threads gets Edit option and a Voice Threads

Instagram Threads

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Threads would also finally have a voice after massive amounts of pressure from users this week.

The edited Threads

Meta’s Twitter competitor Threads will now have access to an edit button which will enable users to edit their posts with a grace of five minutes after publishing.

The edit feature will be accessible via the three dots at the top right of the thread.  Once you’ve selected to edit, a timer will commence.

The feature will also bring the word edited once a post has been edited to allow other users notice that the post has been altered.

The Voice in Threads

Threads will also see the addition of an audio messages option, which some call the voice note feature.

The feature called Voice Threads was confirmed by Zuckerberg two days ago, and hopes to bring the audio ability back to the user.

On July 10, Meta officially launched it’s competitor product against X, formally known as Twitter.

The app received over 100 million sign-ups in less than a week which highlighted a great start for X’s competition.

The app is reported to be on a steady climb as some features which include Voice Threads and the edit feature become accessible.

The platform is a social text-based app that allows photo and video posts and people to have real-time conversations.

Taking a bit of Instagram magic, Threads blends Instagram’s existing aesthetic and navigation system while offering the ability to share posts from Threads directly to Instagram stories.

Threads accounts will be automatically verified if the account was verified on Instagram, making the new platform a little more functional than an otherwise new platform.

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