Threads has a web, desktop version, is it giving?

Instagram Threads

Meta’s presumed Twitter competition Threads is now available as a web desktop version.

On July 6, Meta introduced Threads, the social commentary app that would be an alternative to Musk’s Twitter.

The social media platform Threads saw a plethora of new members at its’ debut but was soon met with challenges that resulted in several users jumping ship after noting some new platform challenges the app came with.

The intent from Threads was noble, however, the list of initial challenges proved one thing, that every great product started somewhere, and that somewhere was at times abandoned for something that works efficiently – at the time.

Threads on desktop

Threads is now on Desktop and after being rolled out internally for testing. The feature was rolled out after developers okayed it even though they may add that there were still some tweaks that needed to be made.

The X rival, Threads has finally made its way on to desktop as a web version, but still finds no reason to add hashtags.

The social app which gained over 100 million signups in its first week, surpassing ChatGPT has since been fielding the list of challenges that come with creating history.

A web version was a bit late if we really think about how some platform users are more inclined to be tethered to the desktop version than their devices, especially when factoring in how social media managers work today.

On desktop.

Now Threads has been operating on Desktop, since the month of August.  There were some initial challenges after its desktop launch such as the chronology of the feed, but we’re glad that has been streamlined and a new mention button to tag other account users in a post has been added.

A bigger screen for Threads is a definite win, but so much goes to waste when you really look at it.

The space to view everything and join in on conversations on the web version is sparkling and delivers effortless navigation while using the computer.

This may boost productivity for social media managers and the likes, while also allowing for typing and engaging with other users to be more effortless.

The extra room on the sides is just haunting.  Could that be a space of ads in the future?  We hope it is.

The pretty sweet update is welcomed as it now means Threads is in the race to tackle X, but does it have the same same staying power?

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