How Elon Musk’s timing for Grok could be OpenAI deliberate

X formally known as Twitter makes changes.

Grok’s integration is underway and those still trying to figure out what exactly Grok is and why it’s making news headlines, let’s just say X premium subscribers are likely to see the xAI chatbot sometime next week.

This is all according to X head Elon Musk who in a tweet reply signaled a timeline for the chatbot.

This all comes after a screenshot emerged showing xAI’s chatbot appearing on X’s web app, and it seems Premium+ subscribers are likely to gain access to the ability to throw questions at the bot first, for some quick feedback alongside other interactions.

What is Grok?

Grok is the name given to the AI chatbot likely to be rolled out in a few weeks if Musk has his way.

Musk’s artificial intelligence company, xAI has confirmed the release of its AI chatbot in the form of Grok.

Yes, Grok will be ChatGPT’s competitor, and considering how OpenAI is undergoing some staff moral issues, Musk’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the introduction of Grok.


Grok is designed to be ChatGPT’s competitor with a more sarcastic feel. It is based on large language model technology, in the same way ChatGPT is, and is well versed on posts across the web to hopefully provide solid replies.

The name Grok is largely related to science fiction, think The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, and promises to answer questions with a touch of conscientiousness.

There will be a waiting list, but Premium+ subscribers are likely to gain first use, as Musk adds more colour for those willing to click the subscribe button.

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