LG offers latest upgrade of webOS, here’s what it means for your TV

LG webOS upgrade. streaming

Consumer group LG Electronics has given more users access to an elevated home experience as the electronics company now offers the latest upgrade of the webOS smart TV platform to owners of older LG Smart TVs.

The announcement means, come February and onwards, LG will bring the latest webOS upgrade to every single model in LG’s 2022 OLED lineup, such as the OLED Flex as well as LG’s 2022 QNED Mini LED 8K.

This means users with older LG models will reap the benefits of the latest webOS and LG smart TV owners will enjoy an even more personalized TV experience with a home screen that most likely has curated recommendations according to user tastes.

The interface will be customizable and coupled with a UI quick card to intuitively sort content into categories like music, games, and sports with a user-centric interface.

LG Smart TV’s adopting the latest webOS upgrade means content providers and service developers will have more opportunities to spread new content, services, and features to a wider audience.

The electronics company said: “Powering more than 200 million LG Smart TVs worldwide, webOS will continue to evolve through significant upgrades to constantly revolutionize the customer experience. LG is poised to invest heavily in its webOS business to secure a vast library of content and services so that it can cater to the diverse lifestyles and preferences of consumers, strengthening its competitive edge in content selection and convenience.”

This was seconded by Baik Seon-pill, leader of the LG Home Entertainment Company’s Product planning division, who said LG was dedicated to elevating convenience and security to ensure that users benefit from hassle-free and secure experiences.

“Demonstrated by the constant improvement to the webOS platform’s UX and UI, LG is firmly dedicated to elevating convenience and security, ensuring that users benefit from a hassle-free and secure experience when using our products”

He said the electronics company had a vision to provide life-enriching experiences for customers by delivering a wide range of content and services on TVs.

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