Podcasting in 2024, the addition of AI and scary final product

Podcasting and AI MarcusMoloko

Podcasting has fast become the preferred medium of choice for “withit’ consumers who aspire to be ahead of the content curve.

Looking at how massive the market of podcasters has become, we see creatives share their views on subject matter with little to no filter.

Adding AI

We sat around a table on Christmas and questioned how AI would assist in evolving the podcasting landscape. What will the changes be, and how will they impact podcasting as a whole?

The space is fast changing and generative AI is also entrenching itself in a vast array of sectors. The marriage of podcasting and generative AI tools is likely to open up a realm of possibilities, to transform the way content is created, personalized, and customized.

We’re likely to see more dynamic, engaging content alongside automated content creation.

Listener preferences

Generative AI will bring forward the ability to analyze listener preferences, habits, and feedback, with AI tools that will likely adjust the tone, pacing, and content based on individual listening preferences.

That’s the future level of tailored experience for the user.

Generative AI tools will likely streamline podcast creation processes. Tasks will likely move towards being automated.  Think script writing, or generating show notes.

Language Translation

Imagine changing a podcast from a different country’s language to suit your needs. With generative AI tools, we are likely to see AI allow real-time language translation, which will break down barriers and allow podcasts to access larger audiences. Cross-cultural communication is what we’re likely going to see post-2024.


We’re all attuned to the reality of AI analyzing patterns, and user behavior. Podcasts are likely to leverage AI algorithms to suggest new episodes or even new podcasts based on user preferences.

Podcasting is likely going to be more dynamic, more engaging, and customized, and when we look at the future of content creation we see that AI is fast on the learning curve and will one day surpass human ingenuity.

While this is both good and daunting, the marriage of podcasts and generative AI seems like a cocktail mix content creators cannot wait to explore, in order to raise the creative discussion bar.

We’re likely to see AI contribute to podcast growth strategies, align show analytics, and create bespoke tactics likely to boost engagement and listenership.

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