Video: Honor’s latest HonorX9b 5G takes a R25000 beating and survives

Marcus Moloko congratulates winner of the R25 000 Honor Breaking Limits competition Darryl Linington

The stage was set at Altas Studios, Johannesburg and expert demolishers, and device breakers were rallied all with one aim, to crack the HonorX9b’s screen.

The rules where simple, use the array of tools provided in an attempt to bring damage to the HonorX9b 5G. The tools were a wrecking ball, a paintball gun, and an elevated podium to drop the HonorX9b from a certain height.


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A tally of R25 000 was up for grabs, as Honor presented the Beyond Limits Experience, a studio playground where the Honor’s latest contender the HonorX9b 5G would be tested.


It was Darryl Linington who in a well-angled throw of the wrecking ball, smashed through the HonorX9b’s screen to leave a mark.

An ecstatic Linington said the reward couldn’t have come at a better time. Asked what his strategy was, he said, he kept making minute adjustments everytime he took a shot.

“I’m super grateful, and this is amazing,” said Lanington as he took the cracked screened device home.

A beating.

There was a point were everyone did yearn for a winner as the HonorX9b5G had taken such a beating with no damage done to the screen.

Point proved, and Honor did it in a colourful manner. The HonorX9b can take a fall, and several knocks but we wouldn’t recommend going out to break the device once you get one. It’s a pretty competent smartphone.

Release date

Honor confirms South Africa will see the HonorX9b5G post-January, 2024, which means a February 1st arrival for the smartphone. The new arrival will come in both black Midnight black and Sunrise Orange coated in vegan leather sporting a 108MP camera alongside 5 800mAp of battery power.

Honor says’ users could have a battery last three days and we can’t wait to test out this battery power convenience.

It seems Honor is more focused on its market share and growing that piece appears to be the goal. We remember an announcement of a target of 15% of the smartphone market from H0nor, and only months after we saw the arrival of both the Honor 90lite and Honor 90, the latest HonorX9b 5G should average just over R12999 in stores, on arrival.

The selling point is the Ultra-Bounce-anti drop technology which only has successfully proven to be effective.

It’s an intelligent device, with a lithium polymer battery, two SIM card slots, a 5MP ultra-wide depth camera alongside a 2MP Macro camera.

A 16MP front camera makes this incoming new-bee a rival likely to make an impact, especially in the colour black.

Honor’s marketing risk, was it worth it?

Remember, successful marketing thrives on a dance between creativity and calculation. Taking calculated risks, informed by research and adaptability, while understanding your market, allows you to push boundaries, innovate, and ultimately connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

The goal is to find exactly what the audience needs and match that need in the simplest way possible.

A core principle of marketing is finding a bridge between a product or service and its target audience. The delicate or intricate dance of understanding what the audience needs, while creating compelling messages differentiates new-bee marketers from veterans. The captivating dance of marketing, unfortunately, takes place on a stage called uncertainty, and this is where risks are always a partner.

Honor took a risk, and their messaging was simple, we bring forward a device that will save you some money, will not break easily, and most likely will come with a long-lasting battery.

Their market is the buyer who wants value for money, and judging how Honor has introduced the HonorX9b5G to the South African market, it may be a bumpy start to the year, but this risk if consistently advertised could win over new customers very easily.

Worth it?

The campaign was creative, the execution was over average, but the message was delivered.  That’s the important part, the message was simple, and it was delivered. We have a device that’s durable and ready to please.

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