A look into LG business cloud

LG Electronics unveiled its competitive cloud solution platform, the LG Business Cloud at Integrated Systems Europe 2024(ISE).

The destination, Via conference center is where consumers including suppliers come together to collaborate, do business, and learn new innovative ways to find new markets.

The space allowed new and existing customers including suppliers to come together to browse and possibly subscribe to LG’s latest offering, the LG digital signage cloud solution for remote access.

What is it?

The Business Cloud model allows customers to establish commercial cloud solutions for their LG digital signage through a one-time sign-up process.

LG Business Cloud is a one-stop solution for comparing, subscribing to, and managing LG digital signage cloud solutions.

This eliminates the need to brows through several pages and provides consumers with a portal to submit inquiries and engage with sales reps, while also providing educational videos, that explain how to get the most out of LG’s cloud offerings.

The LG cloud business portal also allows consumer inquiries to be addressed directly on the website.

LG Business Cloud is compatible with multiple LG digital signage lineups including Micro LED displays, commercial TVs, OLED signage, and LED displays.

What do consumers get?

This solution allows consumers the flexibility to customize content, displayed on their LG digital signage and to set up display schedules.

So users will have the ability to remotely adjust various signage settings, such as screen brightness and volume through LG’s connectedCare which is a remote management solution that monitors the performance and condition of LG signage to promptly send emails when foul play is detected.

So the business cloud platform enables users to explore all of LG’s cloud solutions to experience solutions firsthand while taking advantage of the trial licenses on offer.

Once you choose which LG cloud solution to subscribe to, users can then move on to configure the duration and activate the license post-purchase.

There are no restrictions on the number of devices that customers can use to access the solution, therefore allowing businesses to thrive in managing their signage displays efficiently.


Users can monitor the status of connected LG digital signage in real-time, and customers can enjoy the benefits of remote control functions such as on/off and reboot, as well as dashboard features that enable them to easily check signage operating status.

At CES 2024, LG CEO William Cho highlighted the B2B business as LG’s new growth engine, noting that the company will expand its product portfolio to include even more innovative, customer-driven solutions. This means LG plans to use the same model (seamlessly integrated services and hardware) to grow its B2B solutions business.

“LG Business Cloud is a dedicated platform that simplifies the management of LG digital signage cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes,” said Paik Ki-mun, senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit of LG Business Solutions Company.

“LG is a total solutions provider, offering innovative commercial signage displays and convenient, time-saving management software that enhance the customer experience.”

LG Business Cloud was on show at ISE 2024 between January 30 to February 2, 2023.  The cloud solution is expected to launch in the first quarter of this year.

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