Podcasting presents the right recipe needed by brands

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In today’s marketing-saturated world, brands need to find innovative ways to connect with their end consumer.

This means forging new partnerships with platforms that connect brands to the end consumer more effectively.

Podcasting has grown in popularity in the past two years. With the widespread availability of smartphones and internet access, demand for audio content alongside podcasts has mushroomed to become a mainstream staple in entertainment as consumers get the option to choose their desired content.

As podcasts in various formats continue to grow, brands gain a significant opportunity to leverage that opportunity to connect with consumers.

Looking at a list of reasons behind the spike and popularity of podcasting we note how the key reasons behind the rise in podcasting popularity is the versatility and accessibility of the medium.

According to Rudo Manjoro, KLA Consultant – YouGov Solutions, the top five podcast apps used in the country are, YouTube at 65.83%, Spotify at 50.91%, Google Podcast at 16.27%, Deezer at 15.62%, and Amazon Music at 14.96%, with Apple Podcast ranking 6th at 12.91%.

This indicates how podcasting has become recognized as a valuable source of news.

YouGov reports how approximately 28.99% of the national population spent one to five hours a week listening to podcasts.

This indicated a substantial appetite for on-demand audio content.

The benefit for brands

Podcasts provide fertile ground for companies to sow their messages more effectively.  Podcasts remain a flexible medium tailored to audience interests.

Statista found that the number of South African podcast listeners will grow to 4.8 million by 2027 – up from 3.2 million in 2023, making podcasts an essential part of the digital media landscape.

To capitalize on this trend, brands can employ various strategies, including sponsorship, advertising, and influencer marketing, to maximize their impact.

A great example of this is Podcast & Chill hosted by MacGyver (also known as Mac-Gee) and co-hosts Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady. As the podcast grew, Mac Gee launched Chillers Market, a platform for businesses to promote products or services.

He introduced his alcohol brand, Grandeur Gin, on the podcast, and it’s now available at the retail giant, Makro.

It’s clear that the rise of padcasting presents a significant opportunity for brands to connect with consumers in a more impactful manner.

Embracing this will allow brands to leverage this emerging medium to reach and engage their target audiences more effectively.

Marketing continues to change and advertising the traditional way may not be as effective as it used to be.

Podcasts create a more intimate and engaging connection allowing listeners to develop a sense of familiarity with the podcast host due to the more natural conversation-like format.

It’s clear, that podcasting offers an array of options for marketers to use in order to build brand awareness. This is likely going to forge lasting relationships with the desired target audiences.

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