The incoming wearable recipe, Huawei, Samsung and Apple bring flavour

Research and development remain a priority as device manufacturers such as Huawei, Samsung, and Apple among others make notable shifts in design, chipsets, and processing power to bring forward innovative product solutions for the smart wearable user.

We look at some incoming changes in wearables and predict expected shifts from the industry’s leading brands.


The design of most watches will get a facelift if they haven’t already, as device makers focus more on making devices that sell looks as opposed to following traditional design.

Smartwatches are becoming an aesthetic statement and this year users are more than likely going to see a wide range of styles that feature some colourful straps.

More bold colours are likely going to feature as brands prepare to introduce more rugged-designed smartwatches.

Chipsets and Processing Power:

Huawei is expected to bring in HarmonyOS 4 for its smartwatch range which promises to bring in smart and interactive display features.  This could include new animations that promise better user experience.

More powerful processors in the form of the latest chipsets are what we can expect this year. This means the wearable market is more than likely going to allow improved multitasking with more complex health and fitness tracking algorithms added.


Faster charging and lower power consumption will arrive due to evolving chip design.

More health monitoring features that can handle more complex readings such as sleep apnea detection or even early disease prediction are likely going to make their way to the fore.  This will all be a result of AI and cloud services accommodating wearables more predominatly.

Smartwatches will likely leverage AI for more personalized health insights, proactive recommendations, and seamless integration with cloud-based services for data storage and analysis.

This year may more than likely see wearables focus more on mental wellness and features such as stress monitoring and medication guidance featuring more prominently.

Apple could tweak its Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 to accommodate blood pressure monitoring, and Huawei may focus on improving battery life for its expected series of watches.

Samsung could refresh its Watch 6 Pro with a more powerful processor.

The wearable and smartwatch market is poised for some compelling advancements this year,  with focus likely going to be around better and more complex health monitoring features.

Longer battery life, wider design options, and better integrated AI including cloud services will see smartwatches offer more personalized experiences to seamlessly connect with other aspects

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