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All posts by Alex De Coning

Alex De Coning
Alex de Coning started his career in public relations at Baird’s Renaissance in 2001. During this time, De Coning had the opportunity to work with clients across various industries, including Novartis and Sanofi Pasteur in the healthcare industry, as well as Absa in the financial sector. However, De Coning developed a passion for the technology industry following the work he did with Motorola, successfully relaunching the handset manufacturer in South Africa. Alex also enjoyed an extended period working on the MTN account, where he was a senior member of the team responsible for the brand’s digital strategy for their sponsorship properties. Alex was also part of the team responsible for the communication around South Africa’s Square Kilometre Array bid. De Coning left Baird’s to join the team at Cerebra, a strategic integrated communication agency in Fourways during the course of 2011. He is currently servicing information protection firm, Symantec, and applying his expertise to network service provider Altech Autopage Cellular. Alex enjoys writing and received a Pixel at the 2012 Bookmark awards for the editorial he created and disseminated for the launch of G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi.
  • 5 crucial steps to effectively managing your reputation and brand online

    Most would agree that brand and reputation are intrinsically interconnected for any business. Reputation, much like brand, is nothing more than a perception, which is to say that both reputation and brand are built through the direct or indirect experiences and emotions that a person associates with an individual or brand. Reputation is a valuable commodity. No one knows this immutable truth better than the person who had a good reputation and lost it, or the business that tarnished its brand through unethical practices. Do what you will to repair it, but consumer and media eyes will always flit...

  • Are unfollowing and defriending really the next big trends in social media?

    I read an interesting quote recently: “Defriend and unfollow is the next trend.” ~ David Shing, Digital Prophet, AOL After reading this, I climbed onto Lord Google (but not in that prison movie kind of way) to verify whether someone wasn’t just pulling something -- I mean how outlandish is that statement? The popular kids can get away with doing that, but surely there are not enough of them to classify the move as a trend – you need the rest of us mortals to start doing that too for a noticeable impact. Then I found Shing’s talk at the Dublin...